Latest Work


Designed some characters for an update to Runescape called Warbands. These guys set up camp in the wasteland, the player gets the usual “Stealth vs. AAAARGH” mechanic.

They’re all dolled up in the style of their chosen god, each of the Big Four in the Runescape universe; Saradomin, Bandos, Armadyl, and Zamorak.

Yet again, poor Brassica Prime is left out in the cold.




Here’s some production art from the shiny new Wizards Tower. It’s updated as part of a two-part quest that, pleasingly, is available to free players of Runescape.

I got to do character work as well as environments in this one. I had to push the physical differences between the characters so that the player can tell the difference between several individuals all wearing big blue floppy hats.


I got a Samsung slate with a pen. Which means I can paint stuff like this in Café Nero!