It was September 16 2016, and my partner Hester was idly passing the office lunchtime break with a little light bullying. My Twitter feed was gradually filling with the kind of flashing, twitching gifs that seemed tailored to cause maximum upset to me, and mild concern amongst my co-workers.

Now, we all know the best way to deal with a bully, and having decided to take a moral stand, I framed my stern, and final, capitulation:

They really were very annoying.

The drawing of an X-Man attired in a laid back Vertical Jaquard (with pockets) brought me unexpected pleasure, though the mild concern amongst my co-workers had merely shifted focus. I decided it would take very little further abuse to make a regular lunchtime habit of it.


My tormentor eventually became my Tumblr Promoter:

Things Spiralled:


The demands of inventive randomness put me in a buoyant mood at lunchtime. Switching to “comics mode” for an hour every day brought useful arty insights that fed back into my day job, and I’m going to make damn sure that one of the things the survivors of 2017 pull out of the digital wreckage is a jpeg of Mystique wearing a woolly octopus hat.